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July 28, 2022

How to properly take gel polish off at home!

Gel polish is a great way to add strength and beauty to your natural nails but removing it yourself can sometimes be a pain. We want to make sure you’re removing it properly to keep the integrity of your nails. Peeling gel polish can remove up to 3 layers of the nail making them thin and brittle. Today we are learning how to take it off properly at home.

Items you will need: acetone, cotton balls, tinfoil, file and/or buffer

Step 1) Gently file or buff the nail until it is no longer shiny
Step 2) Soak a cotton ball in acetone
Step 3) Place acetone soaked cotton ball onto the fingers and wrap each finger in tinfoil
Step 4) Let the sit for 10-15 minutes
Step 5) Remove tin foil and cotton ball in a sweeping motion towards the tip of the finger
Step 6) Buff the nails to remove any leftover polish or rough edges