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July 28, 2022
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August 9, 2022

Why should you get pedicures regularly?

Most people love to get pedicures for special occasions, but there's plenty of benefits to booking that monthly appointment.

           1) Great for your mental health.

- If you're having a stressful day there's nothing quite like soaking your feet in a nice warm foot bath and getting a soothing massage. It really helps free up your mind from the stress of the day.

           2) Promotes blood circulation.

- The massaging of your feet and legs will help circulate the blood in your body and can improve the mobility of joints and reduce the tension in your muscles which may help with pain.

           3) Helps prevent infections/ boosts nail health.

- Feet are the foundation of your body and keeping them healthy is important to your overall health. Trimming, cleaning and overall maintenance of your toenails keeps them growing the right way and helps prevent ingrown toenails which can lead to infections. This also can reduce the chance of nails developing fungi.

           4) It's fun!

- Getting fun designs and colors on your toes is so exciting! With a skilled nail technician the possibilities are endless!