If you are looking for a location to host a private event ?

  • Open Lounge Space
  • A la carte, Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages ( Full Bar )
  • Food- bring your own or add Pizza Forno / Apps - See Menu
  • Outdoor Patio (Spring/ Summer)
  • TV screens with high end sound system- bring a DJ or be your own DJ with you phone
  • Free Parking
  • Private and Social environment
  • Flat Hourly rate of $85 an hr ( less then 25 guests ) $95 ( up to 50 guests ) $115 ( up to 80 guests- summer time only with patio)
    • Indoor space capacity 50 guests ​
    • Outdoor space capacity 30 guests

Please add day and time needed
Number of guests
Type of Event
Special Requests


Click here to complete a PDF to book the space ( email or bring in )

Types of Events

Frequently Ask Questions

1 How many people can the space hold?
Winter months up to 50

Summer with patio 80
2 Can the spa and the lounge be rented?
Yes, but spa services must be scheduled at the time of booking and portion pre paid.
3 Does the space have to be pre-paid?
Yes, to hold the space the hourly rate x the amount of hours. No refunds
4 What if i change my spa services the day of?
Services can be changed pending time and staff; however, will still be charged for the scheduled service.
5 Do you have Cable or Satellite TV?
Yes we have all if not most sporting events available during or for an event.
6Can we bring our own entertainment?
Yes, live music or DJ is fine
7 What if i cancel the spa service the same day?
The credit card on file will be charged for that service that was scheduled.
8 Is there an automatic gratuity?
No, we leave that up to the clients. However if you feel our staff is making the event go smoothly they would appreciate it.
9 Are kids allowed?
Yes but not for exclusive parties for kids (IE Birthday) ACCEPT Kids Spa Parties
10 Is the spa closed during events?
No, the spa stays open its regular hours but the lounge is closed for private parties.
11How early can I be there to set up?
We allow 30 min to set up. If you need anymore time it will go towards your hourly rental.
12Do we have speakers and mic?
Yes we have high end sound system with surround sound and microphone
13Can we bring our own food?
Yes you have the option to have your event catered. However, you will have to clean up after yourself.
14Can we bring out own drinks?
No we bring all non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks on site.
15 When does our party have to finish?
We are able to stay open until 12 am except Sundays.