Exclusive Medical Services

We offer Direct Podiatry Care by Dr. Darryl Martins DPM for several specific conditions. This innovative alternative service model improving access to high functioning healthcare with a simple, flat, affordable fees.

No fee-for-service payments. No third party billing.
Flex pending and/ or HSA friendly

All Services are preformed by Dr. Martins DPM

No expensive prescriptions to the pharmacy as we provide and offer all medically grade products to our patients in a one-stop-shop approach. Transparent costs with no surprise billing. ​

All Service are provide through:

1\ Cracked Heels ( Skin Fissures )

Cracked heels are ugly, painful and a source of potential infection. We offer direct treatment with proven techniques and products to climate this condition and create a treatment plan for short and long term success.

​This package includes the take home products needed.

Cost: $299.00

2\ Fungal Nails ( Hand's & Feet )

Fungal nails both of the hand's and feet can be embarrassing and contagious. There are several treatments available that can address this condition and we offer and educate the patient on risk, benefits, and proven techniques to address this condition.

Cost: $249.00

3\ Athletes Feet ( Tinea Pedis )

Fungal infections of the skin is common and difficult to treat due to the vast organisms causing the infections. We discuss why you have this condition, how to treat it, prevent it and risk spreading it to others.

​This package includes the take home products needed.

Cost: $299.00

4\ Foot Odor

Foot odor is common and preventable. OTC treatments commonly fail as it does not address the condition and cause with most just masking the condition. We treat why it is occuring and resolve this issues with different medical grade strategies.

Cost: $299.00